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OV1 Basecamp – Ultra Premium Light Weight Camper

Truck Camper Topper

There are no limits with this ultra light weight and easy to set up truck camper topper. At 350lbs It goes anywhere you want to go with minimal impact on fuel economy or handling of your truck.

integrated canopy and tent

It is so much more then just a rooftop tent on a canopy. While inside the truck bed, raise up the tent floor for standing room to change or simply just to hang out when it is raining out. There is also no need for a ladder. You can easily climb in and out of the tent from inside the canopy.

“The OV1 is the ultimate truck camper for adventure seekers.”


Designed and built in Canada

For rugged use and made to last

Versatility and accessiblility

For daily cargo needs easy access with gull wing style doors.

Functional design

Pop-up truck camper topper with tent incorporates an 80/20 split flooring allowing you t ostand inside away from the elements. Easy and quick setup.

Quality hardware

High grade lockable latches.

4 Season camping

Optional winter liner available

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